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First, litter box

Find a good, private area to place a litter box. The area should have tile or hardwood flooring so that it is easier to clean up accidents. Training your kitten to use the litter box is very simple. When you bring them home, show them where it is by placing them in or near it a few times. Most kittens naturally feel the need to bury their waste at around 4 weeks of age. However, you should not interfere with your kitten while he or she is in the litter box, or your kitten may develop a resistance for using the litter box. Besides showing them where it is, you should not bother them while they use it. It is recommended that you leave the room. You must be patient. Their natural instinct will help them develop good litter box habits.

Food and water

First, find a good spot, not too close to your kitten's litter box. Place 2 bowls, or one of those fancy bowls with two spots for both water and food. Again, show your kitten where it is by gently placing them by it.


Toys are not needed, but are highly recommended. They help your kitten develop social skills and hunting skills. you can get something inexpensive that works exactly the same way and is just as good as store bought toys, an example of this kind of toy would be a simple ball of yarn. Your kitten would have a blast with a ball of yarn.

Giving your kitten attention

As cats are very independent and do not require nearly the amount of attention that dogs do, your cat still needs some attention! Giving your cat attention makes it more open and trusting to humans. To give your cat attention, petting it, playing with it, and if your cat trusts you enough already: picking it up. Your cat will make an excellent companion.

Handling your kitten

Be very gentle with it while it is young, and it is very young and not strong, and can be hurt very easily! When you pick it up, cradle it in a way so that you are not crushing it or making it feel uncomfortable. Do not hold it tightly, just right.

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